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4 Business Owners Who Are Earning From Their Hobbies

From music, arts, to technology, everyone has their own hobbies or interests. While these things can be a source of happiness or a sort of stress relief, it can also be a source of income – if you would be keen enough to take it to the next level. 

Making a profit off of something that you are passionate about is not such a bad idea. Here are some inspiring business owner who turned their hobbies into a business:

1. Velo Panels

Ken Soriano is an Architecture student from the Technological University of the Philippines. While he was planning his room renovation, he wanted to have “nanoleaf” lights, which are an RGB light wall decoration. But buying one was out of his budget, so he decided to make his own. He was pleased with his own creation, and decided to post it online.

This was the beginning of Velo Panels, which offers one-of-a-kind and personalized light panels, which can be controlled with a phone that has different lighting styles. Velo Panels is a high-quality, low-cost light panel that may be used to adorn spaces and increase productivity by combining neon-themed art to create the perfect ambiance. 

2. Niknakz

Art has always been a passion for Niknakz. She started her own business during her third year in college, where she was asked if she could set up a booth on their school’s foundation day. Since then, she has started accepting commissions.

She started with handmade laminated keychains, and now she accepts digital commissions that range from Php 300 – 40,000.

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3. Kraft PH

While scrolling through Pinterest, they saw resin necklaces and it sparked an interest in them. They started watching YouTube tutorials and joined groups to learn more about the process. This prompted them to start their own small business, Kraft PH. They primarily sell handmade crafts and stationary items. They sell a variety of resin crafts: esin phone cases, keychains, bookmarks, coasters, and many more, and bead crafts. For the stationary, they sell journal kits, notebooks, stickers, and papers. Our products are priced ranging from P35 – P300.

4. Threadsetter PH

Julius John De Chavez was looking for other ways to earn money during the pandemic. She took an interest in crocheting, which was supported by her mother. In just a year, Threadsetter PH has clients from all over the Philippines, and even in France and Canada. Also read: 5 inspiring women entrepreneurs share their best piece of advice  Threadsetter PH offers a variety of crocheted items. One of their most popular products are sunflower hair clips and sablay bookmarks and keychains. They also do custom designs and items. So, if you are looking for a perfect crochet shop to satisfy your style, you must try to book at Threadsetter.ph.

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