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RFSC Partners with SquidPay

RFSC Partners with SquidPay to Provide Accessible Financial Services

RFSC partners with SquidPay to provide accessible financial services for every Filipino.

Financial inclusion for every Filipino. 

This is what SquidPay is aiming for with its partnership with RFSC – RFC’s (Radiowealth Finance) digital arm, where everyone can avail all personal and business loans.

“This pandemic is hitting the mass Filipinos the hardest, and while others acknowledge this challenge, we aspire to address it by constantly working and innovating on new, simple, and relevant products accessible to all,” they shared in a statement.

SquidPay is a fintech company that envisions a cashless society grounded on a free payment platform. They provide advanced instantaneous electronic payments and collections with stored value cards, QR codes, and mobile applications.

With this partnership, SquidPay users now have the ability to apply for Personal, Multi-purpose, or Business Loans on the SquidPay platform through RSFC, which will offer a better financial solution for Filipinos. 

“We are looking forward to addressing the growing needs of the mass market, especially those unbanked by providing financial assistance to all Filipinos,” they stated.

Together, RSFC and SquidPay are working hand in hand in building a financially inclusive nation for the Filipino people. 

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