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Why giving back is good for your business

It’s that time of the year again when businesses from all sorts of industries give back to those who are in need.

But apart from honoring tradition, integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in your business does have its benefits. Let’s list down some of the many perks CSR programs give back to business:

1. A break from the routine

Businesses should embrace the opportunity to do something different, especially if it benefits employees. Depending on the nature of work, stress can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health. Burnout, which has recently been identified as a medical condition by the World Health Organization (WHO), proves that there should be a proactive approach on how to tackle this crippling state.

More than the monetary rewards, your employees can usually expect good tidings this time of the year. Having a CSR activity to look forward to can bring some much-needed sunshine in one’s life.

2. A call to action

When creating a CSR program for your business, choose a beneficiary carefully that best suits your company’s ideals or visions. You can also host a CSR concept that’s different from typical CSR activities like offering food or helping for a charity group. Focusing on a vision will not only result in fruitful projects, but memorable and appealing ones, as well.

A good example would be merging fitness and supporting NGOs. Two years ago, Concentrix PH launched a fun run to promote a healthy lifestyle among its employees. Aside from the prizes and health benefits, one gained from the event, proceeds from the fun run were turned over to several CSR beneficiaries as well.

You can also take inspiration from how local social enterprises approach advocacies. Messy Bessy’s focus on at-risk youth employment, ANTHILL’s partnerships with local weavers, and Down to Earth’s help to organic farms are just some of the many advocacies you can choose to inspire you.

The right set of ideals promotes productivity

Aside from breaking the monotony, a well-thought-out CSR program may also boost business productivity. According to Investopedia, businesses that focus on social responsibility tend to enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved business image and potential to build upon its brand
  • Empowered employees who make the most out of available resources to address a given CSR message/ideal
  • Improved employee morale which results in noticeable and positive productivity in the workplace

In a nutshell, giving back to the community also means giving more for employees. CSR programs help align one’s potential and give meaning to their work. The importance of feeling driven in the workplace is amplified.

Considered to be the “least engaged generation in the workforce,”, younger employees will realize that they are making a difference when they participate in a CSR program.

Satisfaction in giving back

The bottom line is that CSR programs will give your business a great opportunity to give back to the community. And in selflessly giving back, a whole lot of good can be expected to happen. Live out the spirit of giving and spread some positive vibes for everyone to enjoy!

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