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Want to earn extra income? 7 ways to make money on the side

Today, earning money is no longer limited to paychecks you receive from your day job. You can
now explore a lot of options that can increase your income and finally achieve your financial goals.

Whether it’s for an out-of-the-country trip you’ve been dreaming of or a television set your
mother hopes to have, you can bring your financial status to the next level by earning passive
income or doing side hustles.

Passive Income

Have you ever thought of earning money without exerting much effort – like earning money while
you sleep? This is how passing income works. These are the things you can do while having a
full-time job or focusing on another business. Here, you can be your own boss!

1. Rental Properties

Maintaining a house, a vehicle, a piece of land or any property that
you barely use can be costly, so you might as well take the opportunity to earn from your
properties by leasing it to individuals or businesses. You can register your house to Airbnb
for secured transactions or let someone rent it monthly. Some who don’t have their own
vehicles can drive your spare ones. Or offer a Rent a Car scheme to people who want
convenience to travel on their own way. You can also develop your piece of land into a
commercial space.

2. Selling Insurance

By helping someone understand the importance of getting insured,
you can earn commissions once they avail your insurance offer.

3. Money Lending

Your money won’t grow by letting it sleep in the bank! You can help
people by lending them the amount they need with a reasonable interest rate. This,
however, is risky and you may encounter problems when collecting debt, so it’s important
to add precautionary measures such as knowing the background of the person or having
a guarantor.

Side Hustles

With side hustle, you can monetize your skills or the things that you love and enjoy to do. If you
love to paint, write, sing, or teach, you can offer your service and make money doing what you’re
passionate about. And if you want to game up your side hustle, you can even turn it into a full-
blown business!

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4. Online Writing/Proofreading Services

There are online websites that offer writing gigs
that pay per article or per hour. Hundreds of these websites are just one Google away in
which you can choose to write about any topic you like. There are also individuals who
hire ghostwriters for their publications. Meanwhile, if you’re that good in English, you can
copy-edit or proofread articles or thesis of students.

5. Tutorials/Workshops

Share your talents or skills with others! Organize a workshop or
accept tutorials so you can earn money while teaching what you’re passionate about. You
can start by teaching kids in your neighborhood, your friends, or relatives who want to
learn about what you do.

6. Performance Gigs

If you have a talent in music or performing arts, you can also inquire
in restaurant-bars or other businesses that need performers to entertain clients or
promote products. Let your gift shine and earn additional income while doing what you
love. Be confident and try-out in auditions or screenings! By doing so, you can also
improve your skills and show your other potential aside from your current career.

7. Online selling

Social media is a good platform to gain traction on your products. Aside
from that, you can sell a lot of things in the comfort of your own home. However, this
requires more effort as you may singlehandedly operate all aspects of your business such
as purchasing items and meeting with customers. The key is to seek help or delegate
when workloads get unbearable.

These are some ways to make money on the side. The opportunities are out there; you just need
prepare, study, and take necessary actions to make it happen. And if you’re planning to turn your
side job or side hustle into a full-blown business, RFC is here to help! RFC offers flexible business
loans to help your business dreams take flight.

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