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These practical tips will let you renovate your home the smart way

Home renovation can be done within a budget and without compromising on style. Here are some nifty ways to do your home renovation in a smart way.

Organize for a hassle-free renovation experience

First, you need to plan which places in your home will be renovated. From there, you will be able to list down materials needed to tackle any changes.

Listing down the materials needed will help you determine if you can make any quick adjustments (such as using alternative materials or tools). Diving straight into renovating isn’t only a hassle – it can also burn a hole in your pockets easily!

DIY your shelves

Maximize and style your home’s space the way you want it by going the DIY route. Functional yet tasteful shelves lined up on a wall works wonders even in small homes. Compared to actually purchasing a shelf, some wooden panels (with some careful trimming) should do the trick in enhancing your home’s overall look.

Small details matter

Sometimes, the little things make a big difference when renovating your home.

Using a rug can spice up a room’s look. Not to mention, it also serves a second purpose in case you need to wipe spills! Picture frames, either placed on a shelf or lined up along a wall, should serve as an appealing highlight.

  • A new color. Let your personality shine by changing the colors of your space. From the walls to your tiles, experiment with what colors to use to get the look you wanted. Warm colors such as brown and yellow bring a more relaxing and inviting feel in your home.
  • Liven up your space with plants. Indoor planting is a trend nowadays. Not only does it create a cozy look for your place, but it’s also proven to be good for your health. From the potted plants to ones that you can hang, you can choose from all sorts of plants that will best accentuate your home.
  • Light it up. Even a small lamp will set the mood towards a relaxing ambiance. Also, choosing the right blinds or shades should provide the proper lighting you want for your space. For a more practical approach in lighting, consider replacing your bulbs to LED alternatives.

Clutter no more

As the ever-popular Marie Kondo said, go for a clutter-free look. Items that do not spark any joy should be disposed of. A tidy look goes a long way. Not to mention, it’ll give your space the R&R that you deserve.

Renovate with a long-term goal

As much as you’re tempted to go with the trends, always consider renovating for the long term. You may have the most stylish materials for spicing up your place – but would it really matter when it won’t last long? Choose materials that aren’t only durable; go for safety as well – this works well especially if you have children or the elderly living with you.

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