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How to start investing this 2020 to achieve financial freedom

Set your sights towards financial freedom this 2020! Here how you can start investing to
secure a great future this year.

It begins with you

Before anything else, make sure to invest in your well-being first. By having a healthy mind and
body, you’re more likely come up and follow through with awesome ideas.

Investing in yourself can mean getting a gym membership, purchasing health insurance,
starting a small garden, or going to workshops and seminars. Stay fit and healthy, and financial
freedom will follow!

Invest in your goals

Goal setting is an investment in itself. For you to save up, you’d need to have a clear ambition in

Take the time to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish, then break these ideas
down into short and long term goals. By having a list of goals, you can determine the best way
to accomplish them.

Also, don’t worry if you’re starting small. Everything big has to start with something, even if it’s
as little as P100. As long as you have a goal in mind and you commit to it, your savings will
slowly build up. Patience goes a long way!

Keep track of your expenses and goals

Now that you have a clear idea of what you want to save up for, have a separate list of
expenses as well. Note down how much you spend in a span of time). Knowing how you spend
will let you discover ways on how to save!

A good example would be coffee. Do you usually treat yourself to some coffee breaks after
work? Perhaps you may want to consider an alternative (or cut down those daily breaks to
weekly ones). By making that spending adjustment, you then open yourself up to more saving

Seek help

One of the most popular and effective investment ideas are stocks. However, learning how to
get into investing may be intimidating. But don’t fret, aside from the many online resources out
there, you can opt to get some much-needed help from seminars.

COL Financial, known to be one of the landmark online stockbroker platforms in the country,
holds occasionally holds seminars for those interested. Best of all, these seminars are FREE.

Find your passion

Another nice venture to invest in is setting up your own business. Go for this approach by
finding what you are passionate about first. From there, find out how you can monetize it.

Let’s say you’re into video games. You may want to learn how to stream your games for
followers to watch. Or let’s say you’re into sneaker art. What about setting up an Instagram
page showcasing your work and getting customized orders? By focusing on your interests, you
stand to gain more clients as an expert.

Diversify, diversify, diversify

Essentially, you want multiple streams of revenues this year. This way, you’d slowly have a
steady flow of cash whenever you need it.

In terms of both saving and investing, opt to have multiple accounts. You don’t want to put all
your eggs in a single basket! In the worse case scenario of an account being disabled (ex. a
local bank suddenly goes under maintenance, in which you can’t withdraw any funds), it’ll help
to still have some way for you to access your money.

Climb the financial pyramid

Lastly, know the basics of the financial pyramid. Build yourself up towards financial freedom by
working up. In a nutshell, here’s what you need to work on (from the bottom to the top):

  • No savings

This is where you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, with virtually no savings at all.
Tet past this level by deciding on how you can invest or save and pushing through with

  • Unpredictable savings

Start managing what you can control with your cash, like setting aside money, opening
savings accounts, getting into stocks, etc.

  • Predictable savings

This level is where you start to experience some growth. Additionally, this is also where
you begin to have some funds for some long-term goals, such as emergency funds or

  • Plenty of savings

This is where you want to be. As you’ve automated your investments and savings, you
can both focus on maintaining and discovering new ways to earn funds.

2020 is your year

We hope that you get to invest towards a brighter future this year!

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