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Healthy break activities to avoid burnout while working from home

Working without taking any breaks can lead to burnout.

And with the global health crisis, it is essential to keep your mind and body healthy. Several studies have shown that employees who take regular breaks are more satisfied with their job.

Whether you’re working from home or not, stepping away from your work to take a break can renew your focus and boost your energy.

Here are some healthy break activities you can incorporate while working from home:

1. Stretching breaks

Allot a time to do stretching which can boost your focus during the day. Regular stretching can reduce fatigue and can keep a proper blood supply to the working muscles.

Other benefits of stretching:

  • Improves posture
  • Increases muscle balance and coordination
  • Can help in preventing muscle strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves work productivity

2. Taking meditation

Putting on ambient music might help some people, but if taking a break and staring at a wall for five minutes works for you, then go ahead and do that. After all, brain activity takes up to 20-25% energy, and you don’t necessarily need to be doing any external physical activity while you think.

A psychological research suggests that the stress we feel in a situation is dependent on our mindset. So, rather than perusing your social media feed or overworking yourself, take time to reflect and relax. You deserve it.

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3. Preparing healthy snacks

Eating clean can help you to think clean. Prepare something that you find enjoying and relaxing.

For example, if you enjoy baking carrot cakes or banana muffins, take some time to prepare for it. But if you think baking might take some time, preparing yourself a good cup of coffee or herbal tea also counts!

Find some time to stay away from your desk and enjoy preparing a healthy snack for you.

4. Taking time to talk with your family

You can also take your time talking to people who matter to you. Consider the best time for you to interact with them so you won’t neglect important relationships around you. Sometimes, opening up or sharing with people you find the most comfortable can help you get through the day.

5. Doing activities that are entertaining and enriching

Choose an activity that you find entertaining and enriching. Many musicians and artists are now online sharing their content for free. This can also help you alleviate stress and anxiety.

Here are other activities you can explore:

  • Read a book
  • Start a creative or DIY project
  • Do some journaling
  • Take online class
  • Host a game night with your colleagues or friends
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