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Expanding your business? Here are three ways to finance it!

When you first started your business, perhaps you already envisioned the day when you will
eventually expand your brand. That goal is attainable if, first, you have the desire, and second,
you have the working capital. The problem is, most business owners have the determination to
achieve their desired expansion—but only a few have the resources to do so.

So, what are you going to do if you don’t have enough capital to fund your dream expansion?
Will you just wait for your business to be more profitable? Before you hold back your plans, it’s
time for you to know the different ways on how you can raise the capital you need.

1. Credit Cards

One easy way to purchase the materials you need in expanding your business is through your credit card.

  • You can pay your credit in flexible terms while already earning from the products you have purchased.
  • Credit card purchases also entitles you to a lot of perks such as discounts and rewards.

Credit cards can help you extend your capital; however, it can also be risky if you aren’t mindful
of your payment terms and interest rates. When using credit cards, you have to know your
limits and make an educated calculation of how much you can pay in due time.

2. SME Working Capital Loan

Business Line of Credit, also called a small-business loan, is a type of loan that allow you to borrow with a certain limit and that provides you quick access to cash.

  • You can pay the principal anytime you can within the term while paying the interest monthly.
  • You can also reuse that credit line as long is it remains open and you don’t exceed the credit limit.
  • The bank can also renew your credit line annually.

Applying for a line of credit is reliable, but your business should pass the criteria imposed by the
lending company. They need to check your credit history, the stability of your business, and
other qualifications to see if you can pay your debt based on the agreement. They may also
require collateral to secure your payment.

To avail a working capital loan for your business, you can apply here.

3. Store Inventory Loan

Acquiring more stock and supplies is crucial for your business expansion, and store inventory
loan can be your best option for this.

  • This type of loan allows you to finance your inventory purchases, which you can also
    use as collateral when you’re not able to sell it.
  • It also decreases the hassle of not being able to pay sales invoices on due, especially if
    your stocks haven’t been sold completely.
  • Purchasing bulk stocks will qualify you for discounts from the suppliers.

Lending companies have to check your turnover rate and credit history to make sure your
business can cover your loan. One quality that you need to have when applying for this loan is
that your stocks are moving fast enough.

Being your own boss comes with a huge responsibility, and we do understand that sometimes
the cash flow can be a little tight. We also know that in order to grow, you need to increase
inventory or beef up your capital. RFC supports the Filipino entrepreneur by offering flexible
business loans.

We help your business dreams take flight.

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