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Best business idea to start with 20K or less

A common reason that most Filipinos are scared of when starting a business is the lack of capital. There’s this looming thought that you wouldn’t have enough cash to build your own company. And even if you do have some money, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to recover your investment immediately

Let not the lack of capital hold you down from starting a business. Check out these business ideas that will only require more or less P20,000 or less capital:

Online Selling

Estimated Capital: P5,000 – P20,000

With little to no capital needed (all you will need is internet connection, a laptop, or even just a smartphone), selling goods online is a good way to earn a profit. Additionally, a Janio study revealed that the Philippines ranks as one of the heaviest Internet users in the world, with online spending connected to usage.

Given the large market you can tap into, setting up shop online is best maximized through several ecommerce sites. Aside from social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, your own website and online selling sites such as Lazada or Shopee can help you reach wider customers.

Tip: A testament on how e-commerce is a feasible venture to get into, the mentioned online selling sites above have always ranked highly in terms of monthly uses for both web and app. Additionally, e-commerce support platforms (such as Great Deals, which help online stores in terms of content, chat support, analytics, etc.) have sprung up – good indicators that online is the way to go!

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Load Retailer

Estimated Capital: P500 – P5,000

Create a steady stream of income with this low-capital business idea. As a load retailer, all you need is a mobile phone (it doesn’t even need to be a smartphone variant), some load (preferably P1,000), and a retailer SIM card.

You earn through commissions whenever you load a customer. It’s simple, easy, and essential, considering that approximately 65.3% of the total population in the Philippines owns a mobile phone, according to a Statista study.

Tip: Move forward with this idea by aiming to be a sub-dealer. Sub-dealers have several load retailers under their network; hence, you have more profit to make.


Vending Machine

Estimated Capital: P10,000 – P20,000

Another minimal-capital business venture to get into is setting up a vending machine. With little supervision, the key priorities to consider for these machines are choosing a high-traffic location, machine maintenance, and product stocks.

Tip: Aside from having a wide selection of stocks to sell (food and beverage, hygiene products, e-load, and even WiFi access), select a machine that comes with features that you can maximize. Also, find a machine supplier that provides warranty – you’d want to make sure you’re covered in case something happens!

Food Ventures 

Estimated Capital: P500 – P20,000

If cooking is your passion, why not build your business around that? There are multiple ways to sell food: setting up a small booth in a market/bazaar area, having your own carinderia, using online delivery, and through setting up orders online. Taste is your biggest consideration here – win your customer’s taste buds, enjoy continued patronage in return!

Tip: Never underestimate starting small in the food industry. Even the humble kakanin (rice cake) can be a profitable venture – all it needed was just P500 starting capital for Susie’s Cuisine kakanin business to jumpstart into a million pesos brand.

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Fitness Trainer

Estimated Capital: P15,000 (for certification or equipment)

Let’s get physical! Health is wealth indeed. With a lot of people are into getting fit, having someone to guide them to do exercises properly and safely is a must for a healthy lifestyle.

Again, if getting fit is your passion, why not make a business out of it? The best part of being a fitness trainer is that you don’t need to be limited in gyms to workout — some make use of their own equipment or use their clients’ gear. Even others make the most out of public places to hold classes.

Tip: More than simply teaching workout routines, focus on setting and accomplishing goals with your clients. It’s a win-win for you and your clients. In this line of work, you and your clients get to stay fit. You also get that sense of satisfaction of seeing hit their goals!

Tailoring Services

Estimated Capital: P5,000 to P20,000

If you’re into fashion, starting a tailoring business may be a fun and profitable venture to get into. The capital is mainly invested in a sewing machine and other tools needed for alterations. If you plan to create your own clothes, more capital may be needed to purchase fabrics and other clothing materials.

Tip: Here’s another testament that a small sewing business can result in a wonderful future: After securing a P5,000 loan, Nanay Corazon, a seamstress, focused on making quality products and meeting customer satisfaction. The result? A business expansion into creating her own factory!

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You Can Run Your Own Business

Having your own business isn’t just a dream; you can make it happen. The business ideas above prove that profitable ventures are possible even with minimal capital.

Live out your entrepreneur dreams now!

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