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Be the Best Boss Ever by Offering these Employee Perks

Your employees deserve the best rewards. After all, they’re the ones getting into the grind and  making things happen for your brand. Rewards let you retain the best talent. You’ll give them a  sense of purpose and motivation to help your business to grow.

Here are some creative ways to give back to the people that matter the most in your business:

Transparency is a Power that Needs to be Utilized

In a typical Filipino business setting, companies tend to follow a hierarchical system. Company
decisions are usually decided by a sole owner or a group of managers, with rank-and-file
employees addressing them as “sir” or “ma’am”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this setup. But it can be improved by offering some level
of transparency among employees. Giving staff the power to voice out their thoughts is a
powerful reward. Not only will you get the best advice on how to accomplish tasks, but letting
others be involved with the brand’s direction allows a sense of ownership and meaning.

The small things matter. And the simple acknowledgment that everyone’s opinion matters is a
reward that keeps on giving. An employee who feels recognized and appreciated in a
transparent business setting makes each day worth it!

Care Rewards that Matter

A recent AON study revealed that 58% of millennial employees in the Philippines feel that,
beyond their pay, they are recognized for their work in their respective companies. Although
that’s a fairly high statistic, there’s still room for improvement, such as engaging employees in
health and well-being programs. Some companies, on the other hand, focus on interest-centric
benefits. STORM Technologies, a local HR-tech startup, created flexible benefits for employees to choose from. Some of the perks this startup offers are unlimited vacation leaves and access
to an office gym. Their employees with an inclination for fitness even provide extra help by
acting as workout coaches for others.

Flexible Work Spaces

Heavy traffic and the perils of public transportation are some of the worst problems employees
in the Philippines have to face. Why not reward your staff with solutions to address these

Some companies offer “flexitime” work hours to address the country’s traffic issue. Others offer
lodging. Kalibrr, a local startup that focuses on creating smart recruitment solutions, allows
most of its staff to stay in their Hacker House. This way, employees can focus on their tasks
without having to go through the hassle of commuting. Morale is improved as well, as
workplace bonds are formed in the house

Straight to the Heart (and Tummy!)

Great rewards offer lasting effects. And what better way to treat your trusted staff than with
some really unique perks?

Full Suite, a local company that provides startups with back office support, offers free gourmet lunch daily for their staff. Aside from the yummy meals, employees get to save up on both time
and money.

Another satisfying (and perhaps life-changing) perk is offered by Ideas X Machina Advertising,Inc. (IXM). A local ad agency, this business gives allowances for their staff to go out on dates.
To make it even more interesting, the agency’s CEO is also willing to pay for his staff’s wedding
reception once things get serious!

Rewards that Matter

Businesses that prioritize employee engagement look forward to a brighter future. Reward your
staff with a sense of purpose and expect excellent growth in return. Here’s to a rewarding
tomorrow for you and your employees!

What perks do you offer your employees? Let us know in the comments!

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