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5 fun weekend habits you can start doing as an entrepreneur

Running a business requires a lot of your time, from managing your employees to preparing your marketing strategies and planning out how to increase your sales for this month. Without a proper process or effective team, all these tasks can be overwhelming and can cause burnout. While it’s necessary to realize your plans as soon as possible, it’s also reasonable to take breaks once in a while, knowing that you’ve done your best.

Below are five fun habits to cultivate during the weekend to recharge for the new week ahead:

1. Catch up on exercise

Workdays are long and busy, and sometimes you can hardly squeeze in a 15-minute workout. But any activity is better than just remaining seated throughout the workweek, even if it’s just to get your blood flowing and your health in check.

It’s recommended to have at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week. Even if you can’t exercise daily, you can catch up on workouts during the weekend, in order to reawaken and strengthen your body. Exercise releases endorphins or “happy hormones,” which can relieve stress brought about by the hectic workweek.

2. Catch up with friends and family

Enough with the spreadsheets and meetings! Dedicate your weekend catching up with your nearest and dearest. Even running errands like grocery shopping is a way to bond with family and friends. Cooking meals, going out on picnics, or having drinks somewhere are good ways to talk and fill each other out on the happenings in each other’s lives. Catching up means socializing in person – and yes, disconnecting from social media for a short while.

3. Volunteering

Lending your time and effort to causes you are passionate about is a good way to build a relationship with your community. In this study, researchers found that volunteering (and encouraging it among your employees) resulted in 57% greater employee commitment and 70% improved public and community relations.

Think of volunteering as giving back. With volunteering, you can also meet business prospects and expand your network.

4. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead may not be as enticing or as fun as other activities, but it’s a good habit to develop, especially if you don’t want to have an additional pile of work to do before another Monday starts. Plus, you can totally plan while wearing your comfy lounge clothes, surrounded by your favorite comfort foods. And nobody will judge you if you help yourself to another serving.

5. Do what you love

If you have activities you enjoy doing, get back to them during your downtime! For those cooped up in the office for a whole week, a relaxing weekend is sure to be had when one gets back to hobbies or other equally fun activities. Go to the movies, watch a play, catch up on gardening, knit, cook, finish your book or crossword – whatever your favorite activity is, once you do it, you’ll likely feel loads better. Don’t feel guilty about indulging your hobbies on weekends; it’s research-backed, that hobbies help prevent burnout, which could lead to fatigue and psychosomatic issues.

These are just some tips to help make your downtime both relaxing and productive! Feel free to share your thoughts and other tips in the comments section!

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