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5 financing options to help you get through the pandemic

Now more than ever, everyone is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are in the edge of shrinking while some workers are getting laid off from their jobs.

This challenging time can be financially distressing, but know that there are financial institutions like RFC that are willing to help you ride out the storm.

For additional financial help, here are some RFC’s loan services that you can consider:

 1. Working Capital Loan

A steady stream of cash flow can be challenging this pandemic. With working capital loan of RFC, you can have additional cash that can help you in operating your business despite the economic challenges today.

Having sufficient working capital can keep your business up and running. At RFC, we have a working capital loan for entrepreneurs like you to keep you from financial stress and help you manage your day-to-day operations.

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2. Gadget Loan

Online learning is the new normal. Do you have the right tools and devices to adapt with the new normal? Aside from a strong internet connection, having an efficient device like laptop or computer should be utilized during online learning session.

With RFC’s gadget loan, you can have an additional budget to buy for a tablet or laptop to  ensure a quality and seamless learning experience.

3. Medical Assistance Loan

In this time of pandemic, your health should be on top of your priority. In case of medical emergency, RFC is offering Medical Assistance Loan to meet your medical needs.

4. Multipurpose Cash Loan

Whether you need additional fund to meet financial obligations or additional budget for essentials or emergencies, getting cash is easy when you avail the multi-purpose loan from RFC. Apply here.

5. Emergency fund loan

Anything can happen even when you least expect it. Cover unexpected and urgent expenses with Emergency Fund Loan which can help you meet those unforeseen circumstances.

Stay in control even during financial emergencies!

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In this challenging time, know that RFC is here to help you! Apply for a loan and get approved within 24 hours. Take the next step with RFC today!

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