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5 content marketing strategies you should try in these trying times

Marketing is a subtle art — what drives consumers to buy products is when they feel like they need to buy that product.

This is where content marketing strategies come in.

Your consumers need to see quality and relevant content, and it doesn’t hurt either if it stirs their emotions into buying your what you believe in or your product itself. 

This is one of the many smart ways to get leads, keep customer attention, and eventually, be relevant even in these trying times. How exactly can you do this? Below are 5 ways to make it happen:

1. Be Authentic

Creating content is so much more than imagining and creating scenarios where your product can be used. According to studies, emotions influence how and what people buy.

One of the best ways to influence consumer behavior is by pushing a narrative that will make them want to root for you — a story about how your product came to is one angle you can play around.

Your product’s strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and community are great ways to make your costumers feel good about buying your stuff.


2. Produce product tutorials

Remember when you were just mindlessly scrolling your social media feed and then you find a short video of tutorials from Buzzfeed or 5 Minute Crafts?

Before you know it, you’ve already spent an unreasonable amount of time watching these videos. If this was the case for you, these video tutorials are subtle marketing and they are deemed effective — just see the number of shares and reactions on Buzzfeed – that you ought to do it to promote your products as well.   

3. Create a call to action

So, you’ve hooked a potential customer with your company’s story. They are now invested in what you do and what your products are. After your subtle content marketing, it’s time to add
the finishing touch with a “call to action” button or link.

This can take form in whatever you want your consumer to do. It could be a link to your e-commerce
site, subscribing to newsletters, or signing up to free service trials.

4. Launch giveaways

There is nothing more effective than launching giveaways to raise more awareness about your
brand. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? Major brands do these all the time, and it’s effective in terms of gaining more followers, customers and engagements

With this strategy, you can set a budget for marketing plans to promote your contest or giveaways and to make sure that the right target customers is getting reached.

5. Create content that matters

In these trying times, where consumer behavior changes, you have to learn how to position your brand. Focusing too much on your product during the COVID-19 pandemic can put you into trouble – unless you are selling essential products needed during the outbreak. 

If your products are non-essential items, you can shift your content into something more relevant to the pandemic. For example, you can produce content that tells how your customers can protect themselves against coronavirus. 

Due to lockdown, people are on the lookout of content that matters. Listen to social media or where you can usually find your customers and see what kind of content they are consuming. From there, you can come out of different types of content that can benefit your customers or even the general public. 


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