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5 Best Strategies to Keep Your Loyal Customers

One of the best measures of a business’ success is how loyal their customers are. Whether you’re a startup company or a decades-old business, it’s always a good idea to cultivate your relationship with your customers.

Here are some effective strategies to make sure your customers keep coming back for your services.

1. Give useful tokens

Yearly, Starbucks offers a promo where customers can avail of the Starbucks planner, complete with discount coupons inside. This promo is a long-standing tradition, which isn’t surprising, because Starbucks’ promotional deal actually works. In fact, other coffee shops have started offering a similar deal, from international coffee chain Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to homegrown cafe Bo’s Coffee.

Why do people love this promo so much? Because the Starbucks planner is extremely useful. Customers love “free” things, but more so when they can make use of these “freebies.”

Offering “freebies” (that usually come with a minimum purchase) gives customers the feeling that you value their business. You also give them a goal to work toward, like how customers need to complete 12 stickers in order to get the Starbucks planner.

On top of that, when people use your “freebies,” you’re getting free advertising. Other people will see your logo printed on an umbrella, canvas bag, magnet, or mouse pad, and they’ll become interested in your business.

2. Buy One, Get One

Speaking of freebies, nothing lures customers more than a “BOGO” or a “buy one, get one” deal.

If you have excess inventory, a BOGO is a great way to free up space by offering them as freebies to customers (after a minimum purchase).

3. Promos with a partner store

This is a great way to show businesses supporting other businesses—cultivating partnerships and meeting other entrepreneurs. Plus, loyal customers will appreciate recommendations from brands that they already trust. It’s a mutually beneficial deal for entrepreneurs and less time wasted for customers to look for other brands. Win-win!

4. Flash sales

Take a cue from large online retail stores doing flash sales. Even items customers otherwise have no reason to buy get sold out in minutes!

Forbes listed some small and medium-sized enterprises that are doing amazing with this type of promotion, proving that daily deals and flash sales are an effective marketing and business growth tool.

Billboards and newspaper ads are great and all, but people spend more time on phones these days. The best way to introduce your business to the world is through amazing deals.

5. Social media giveaways

Instagram and Facebook are so saturated with photos and advertisements that, if you want your business to stand out, you have to make something flashy…like a social media giveaway. There’s nothing that could give your product more exposure than a social media giveaway.

Giveaways are great ways to get organic exposure. By requiring customers to share a post as part of your content mechanics, you can get thousands and thousands of shares without paying a centavo!

No matter the season, entrepreneurs should embrace every opportunity to cultivate customer loyalty. These people are valued customers. Making them feel special should always be a top priority.

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