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3 Practical Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second Hand Car

Should I buy a brand new car or a used/second hand car?

You’ve probably asked this question many times, especially when you have to weigh the options available to you when buying a vehicle – from selecting the model, color, specification, to understanding the car features you need.

There are just a lot to consider when buying a car. After all, buying a vehicle is an important decision of your life and can affect your finances in the next several years.

But first things first, you have to understand that buying a car is not an investment – unless you are going to use it for your business.

Sure, there are advantages when buying a brand new car, but so is buying a second hand car. Here are some advantages when buying a used car.

1. Affordable Price

We can’t deny the fact that cars depreciate over time. Once a brand new car was out of the dealership, it had already depreciated by 10 – 20 percent.

When buying a second hand vehicle, you can take advantage of the car depreciation. For example, the latest brand new model last year depreciates by 20 percent in its first year and around 40 percent after three years. Just imagine how much money you can save on cost from buying a second hand car!

This gives you a breather when it comes to managing your finances or – if you can – it gives you the chance to pay the car in cash or with the larger down payment.

2. Quick to Pay Off 

This is the most obvious result when buying a used or second hand car. Since it has a lower price compared to a brand new car, you can pay off the vehicle sooner or quickly. And with lower price, it can also mean lower monthly payment with a smaller interest charge

3. Makes your Dream Possible

Have you dreamed of having your own luxury car? Or do you have a preferred brand or car model? What if buying a brand new car or your desired model is over your budget? With second hand vehicles, your dream car is within reach! It can be yours!

Easy access to second hand cars

Now that you know some of the advantages of buying a second hand car, the next question is: where can I buy and find a reliable second hand car? Buying a used vehicle is also quite similar to buying a brand new car: You have to check it thoroughly and test its current condition. Not because it is relatively affordable compared to a brand new car doesn’t mean you won’t practice due diligence. You have to make sure that it has legitimate documents so the transfer of car ownership won’t be an issue.

You have to be wise enough and learn to stay away from possible sellers who are offering second hand cars without legitimate documents or proof of past transactions.

Good thing is that there is a legitimate platform like rfshop.com.ph that provides easy access to pre-owned items such as cars or residential lots. These come with complete papers and legitimate documents. You no longer need to worry about its legalities. You just head over to rfshop.com.ph and you can start browsing affordable second hand items.

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