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20 things to do to enjoy your weekend at home

Enough with reports and data; it’s time to pause for a while and enjoy the weekend!

While you’re used to having a fun outdoor trip with your family and friends during a long weekend, leisure travel is far from reality now. Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck at home.

But worry no more! We list down some of the exciting activities you can do at home to make sure you can still maximize your weekend while still complying with quarantine guidelines.

1. Create DIY Crafts

Unleash your creativity! From knitting to upcycling, you will never run out of things you can explore. All you need is your imagination!

2. Have a watch party with friends

With social distancing measures, hanging out with friends seems too impossible to happen. But thanks to technology and apps like Netflix where you can have a watch party with friends regardless of geographical location.

3. Start a blog/vlog or a journal

It’s probably your goal to share your expertise or story. If you’re looking for a sign to start this project, this is the sign! Just do it!

4. Try yoga

Start with 5 or 10 minutes which can relax and soften your tight muscles

5. Meditate

It’s not just about closing your eyes or following proper breathing exercises, you can also meditate doing other activities that calm or relaxes your mind. Painting can be a form of meditation too!

6. Camp in the backyard or rooftop

Who says you can’t enjoy staying at home? Maximize the spaces at your home. Put up a tent or hammock to fully immerse your mind in a camping mode.

7. General cleaning

Spark up your room. Get rid of things that no longer spark joy. Do it the Marie Kondo way!

8. Take an online course

Learn a new skill! Take a personal development or business course – whatever training that can help you in your career or your current venture.

9. Cook!

Experiment in the kitchen. Try a new recipe. You can cook your favourite dish and see if your cooking skill has improved!

10. Bake

Craving for muffins or chocolate cookies? Try baking.

11. Host a game night

Have fun with your friends or your family. Host it via online to keep yourself connected with your loved ones.

12. Have a me time

Reflect and give yourself a well-deserved break!

13. Pamper yourself

Follow a skin care routine which you don’t normally follow in your regular or busy days

14. Order your favourite food or snacks from a local business

Of course, you should support local!

15. Follow a social media detox

Those negative headlines are causing you to worry too much. Now, is the time to turn off your phone and get rid with the bad vibes.

16. Call a friend

Catch up with your friends.  You may be undergoing a difficult time so call someone to lighten up that burden in your heart.

17. Read a book

Pick up a book which you find interesting and helpful. Enjoy your weekend reading while listening to music or sipping coffee.

18. Watch an online concert

Watch a famous musical play or your favourite band.

19. Take a virtual tour

Dreaming of going to Iceland or certain countries? Just use the internet and there are sites that are offering virtual tour like Google Arts & Culture

20. Get a good sleep

It’s time to get up and wake up whenever you want!

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