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10 successful Filipino business owners under 30

You’re never too old nor too young to achieve great things. In a fast-changing environment like the business world, work experience and technical know-how that comes with age and experience is a good thing, but the creativity and passion as an emerging entrepreneur is something that should not to be discounted.

Just take a look at these successful entrepreneurs under 30 who proves that being business savvy is not exclusive to any age.

1. Earl Partick Forlales and Zahra Halabisaz Zanjani

These two entrepreneurs are co-founders of CUBO Modular, a company that designs and builds low-cost houses made out of engineered bamboo. Their housing units can be built in about four hours, but the material could last for about 50 years.

In 2018, Cubo won the top prize worth £50,000 at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Cities for Our Future Challenge which allowed the idea to be a full-scale business. In 2019, Forlales and Zanjani were also listed in Asia’s Forbes’ 30 under 30.

2. Georgianna Carlos

If you’ve got pets, consider using this entrepreneur’s products on them. Georginna Carlos is the founder of Fetch! Naturals, a company that sells premium pet care products made from all-natural ingredients. The best part, according to the company’s website, it’s “formulated to human standards. PH balanced for furry friends.” Georgianna Carlos is also a part of Asia’s Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in 2019.

3. Jairus Ferrer 

Jairus Ferrer has experienced the challenges of agriculture value-chain since he was 17. Due to this, he created an agri-tech solution in the form of iFarms, Inc. in 2015. To help independent family farms and farmer-run cooperatives, iFarms launched the flagship website uma.ph to connect growers directly to the consumers. Aside from the convenience of shopping, you not only get to help local farmers, you also get farm-fresh foods right at your door!

4. Gerald Perry Marin

When he was 23, Gerald Perry Marin co-founded FoPo Food Powder, a startup that collects wasted fruits and vegetables turning them into powder that extends their shelf life up to two years but still saves nutritional value up to 90%. Additionally, this innovative food venture won them the 2018 UN MGCY Youth Innovator Award at the United Nations HQ.

5. Danielle Wassmer

Hyacinth Manila is the lovechild of passion for fashion + sustainability. Water hyacinths (water lilies) pose a serious problem for people who live near Laguna de Bay as the overgrowth often clog waterways resulting in floods. Wassmer’s mother was the one who spearheaded seminars and workshops for stay-at-home mothers to turn the water lily problem into something profitable.

Over a decade on, Wassmer fulfilled that vision and turned it into a successful and environmentally sustainable business venture that not only alleviates the water lily problem, but also provides income for the local community.

6. Bianca Amparo

It’s difficult to find flattering and affordable makeup made specifically for the Philippine consumer. Luckily, since March of 2019, Amparo’s local-registered brand Luna Organics has been around to provide safe, effective, and affordable multi-way products. Not only are their products affordable, they’re also safe for pregnant women and people with sensitive skin.

7. Ayn Bernos

Having a fair skin is the ideal even in a predominantly brown nation like the Philippines. Well, Ayn Bernos, founder of Morena the Label, established a fashion brand that celebrates the beauty and diversity of brown Filipina skin. With cool and hip graphics printed in clothing and accesories that aims to reclaim words with negative associations to brown skin – Morena the Label is one of the wearable statement pieces for sun-kissed folks who’ve had enough of brown/dark skin shaming.

8. Dean Espiritu

Dean Espiritu’s clothing line Dizkret Clothing, aims to bring awareness to prevalent issues that ail Filipinos on a daily basis. The graphic designs of his merchandise are attractive, provocative, and meaningful. Dare we say, Dizkret clothing is at par if not better than the big foreign names in graphic tees.

This list of entrepreneurs under 30 just proves that young people are never ‘too young’ to lead, start their own business, and make it successful. They’ve shown us that age is just a number and will never be a barrier, especially when you’re someone passionate about your business – you’ll do what it takes to make it successful!

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